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The only place on the web to get custom-drafted documents, and attorney time, for one low price. 

Start your marriage with confidence and security, for just $699.


of first marriages end in divorce


of second marriages end in divorce


predictor of whether you'll get divorced is fighting over money with your partner.

As seen in


Benefits to a Prenuptial Agreement

Facilitate honest discussions on your
finances & future goals, so you can start

Clarify debts, so you do not become
responsible for your spouse's loans.

Protect your retirement accounts.

Avoid expensive and time-draining court
proceedings in the event of a divorce.

Protect each other from making future
decisions from a place of anger.

Build peace of mind together.

Just $699. A real value.

4 simple steps:

  1. Complete the intake form below, or call us.  Afterward, you'll receive some helpful worksheets to help you think about additional issues. 

  2. We send you a draft for review and edit. We'll then produce a final agreement.

  3. We'll be in touch to schedule your 30 minute consult with a 5-star attorney so you can explain your wishes for a tailored agreement.

  4. Sign, notarize and witness your agreement. Then, go get married!


See what our clients are saying

Amazing business & services - I was
connected with an attorney who
negotiated my prenup in 2 days for 1/3 of the cost of a standard attorney.

Angela G

Lexington, KY

I was hesitant to get a prenup at first,
because I thought my wife would be
insulted. But it forced us to have a tough conversation and we became closer. JUSTLAW was there every step -
best experience ever working with a

Eric K

Bronx, NY

5 stars on Google reviews

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